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Some practical matters about our sweet erotic adventures:

Erotic contacts, sexcontacts, sexadventures, sexfantasees...

When we picked a day for our reunion via our central email address (bivrienden), we meet each other in a cafe or tea house close to our pleasure location. For example, we agree to meet shortly after noon on a weekday, that is what of most of us prefer. In this way our friends and family are not alarmed when we cannot be found for some time. It often happens that we are going out alone for a while during the day. We are then shopping or chatting with friends or something like that, who knows...

We like to meet each other in a coffee shop or cafe because this is convenient and without obligation to decide whether or not to continue with us. This is important for newcomers to feel themselves comfortable and safe. Imagine that on closer consideration, it does not feel good for you to go further with this group of girlfriends, then it should be possible for you to quit in all freedom and without negative feelings from both sides.
Seeing each other in a teahouse is also very convenient to leave all together to go to our special place where we will cherish each other. In that way nobody gets lost and we do not have to wait for somebody. Our special room is reserved for us and arranged by our administrator on duty, we don't have to worry about that.

(See the comments below about points for extra attention!)

On that day we bring our good mood and a large dose of desire to enjoy and spoil each other. But we also bring some practical things such as toilet supplies to make us presentable again when we go our own way again later that day. Also a bath towel and our favorite soap is handy. In the room are sometimes only a few towels and bars of soap. We do not have an good idea in advance of the size of our group. For space in itself a large group of visitors is not a problem, our room is large enough.

We stay together in our pampering area the whole afternoon but try not to leave our room later then say at 16 17 hours. Those who want to leave earlier (or want to stay a little longer) can of course always do so. It is a constant in our meetings that everyone always is completely free to go whenever they want. And also to do whatever they want.
This great freedom works in both directions. One can everyone in our group ask what they want, but the other is completely free to decide whether or not to do so, never can any pressure be put on anyone. The reciprocal respect is most imported (hygiene too, but that goes without saying). This gives us the best guarantee on having a nice day. It is even no problem if someone on that day has no sense or opportunity to make love or to become physical in a different way, but still want to come along. If you take great pleasure in sitting in an easy chair looking at the others on the bed, that should be possible.
There is also possibility to relax and rest and to listen to music in the background or to view erotic movies.

We also agree to share the costs. Our little adventure has nothing commercial, but we do incur costs by renting the space. Imagine that we are five and that the room costs a hundred Euros, then we pay each 20 Euro. We may also incur other costs, we may like a glass of champagne ... who knows ...
It has already happened that we exempt someone from paying and we share the costs among a more limited group. For instance the young student that had not received any money from her parents for such an educational adventure, for that nice people had better not know ...

Discretion is always guaranteed, which is a wish of most of us, we try not to learn the personal things of others that they would not like to give us by themselves. There is no photographing or filming even if someone asks for it. Afterwards we just say goodbye to each other, but we do not know whether this will be a lasting friendship, we will see.
It is experiencing the thrill and adventure that stands central, along with satisfying our curiosity and lust ...

If you can find yourself in this way of erotic encounter, you are very welcome. suggestions are also always welcome. We all do our best to make it a very nice and memorable day.

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P.S.Additional points of attention:
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There is always work to be done to improve the practical way of our meetings and to get everybody at the same time at the same place.

Point of attention 1:
One point to be concerned about is that newcomers arrive at the cafe or teahouse and perhaps sit and wait alone in a corner to observe the people and search for our group before making further contact. That works well if we expect only one newcomer on that day and the others do already know each other, because in that case you will indeed easily notice a chatting group after a while. But if on that day there are mainly newcomers who unknowingly install themselves somewhere and look for a group, unfortunately there will never be found a group that they can focus on :-)
It is understandable if you want to observe our group without making yourself known to see if you would fit in. But that is not always a good strategy, because people are more versatile than their appearance and their behaviour in these circumstances would suggest. At first glance you cannot estimate the friendliness, passion and erotic ability and benevolence of the participants. You just have to go for it, you don’t spend anything with it and you can still come and go as you please. You could miss out on a fascinating afternoon out of false uncertainty.
After a while, those cautious newcomers sometimes start to leave disappointed and we only hear about this misunderstanding afterwards, sometimes days later. It is really necessary to call the agreed mobile number on arrival (and preferably also a little earlier) to be able to find the others.
It may happen that a girl eventually takes her mobile phone and calls the agreed number to see that at that time, for example, only in a group of two or three people get the phone answered. She thinks, if this is the whole group then I’m out of here ... A little later another curious newcomer calls with the same result and these people never get an overall picture.
We are only going for a new one meeting when at least six people have said they will certainly come on that day. Disappointments can be avoided by calling us quickly when you arrived in the right place. And if you are one of the first to come, go for it because the others are coming later. And you can always at any time join us or leave us.

This is a difficult puzzle to solve because in the prior mail correspondence we do not pass on data from others. We have agreed that we must adhere to strict safety rules and privacy rules. It is not until the very day of our adventure that newcomers get to know the others, and on their own initiative sometimes women decide afterwards to have a closer contact with someone from our group. Longer friendships are sometimes created in this way.
But in advance we do not pass on any data, and certainly no photos. Sometimes someone send us a photo in advance, which is useful for us but it is never forwarded to others.

A possible solution is that you seek uninhibited contact, even if you are only the second to arrive. You do not take any risks in that teahouse or cafe. We agree that it takes a certain amount of courage and openness and we realize that this is not always easy. We have had reactions afterwards in the sense of ”look, those two women who answered my phonecall were too old for me because there was one in their mid-thirties and one in their forties ... ”(not really an important point we would say). And then after a while they leave, but the girls in our group those who arrived a little later were in their twenties and unfortunately they missed them. ”And there was also a man”. Well, we can hardly leave out our masseur, room contact person and reservation responsible, and helper in unexpected circumstances (once he had to repair our jacuzzi on site ...). And he is there with his girlfriend...
By talking to the people who are present, although you do not commit yourself, you will learn everything about the program of the day.

Point of attention 2
This brings us to the point of arriving (much) later than the agreed time. We always wait a while but in the end we have to leave to our pampering space. If it is about someone who already knows us, she will go straight to our special room and if we have moved to another place she will find out by phone.
It is a bit more difficult for newcomers. We want to wait a little longer but eventually our unrest becomes too great to linger any longer and we want to leave. If we do not know you at all, we will lose you because we do not tell newcomers in advance where we are going, that is for safety reasons. If we already know each other a bit because for example we have had already an extensive conversations by phone, then we can tell you where we are. But as a complete newcomer who comes later in our room, you haven’t had time to get used to us and you haven’t been able to have a chat with us in advance to get to know us. You come to that conscious place, knock on the door or call by your mobile phone that you are at the door, we open the door and there you are, suddenly amidst women who are already in a different mood and who may already be completely undressed sitting against together. That is quite a big step and it may be surprising to you, depending on your experience in erotic encounters. Everyone responds to this according to their own temperament, but you better be prepared anyway. For newcomers it is usually better that they can get used to the others with the clothes on. So it is best to try to arrive on time and to notify yourself quickly when you have arrived.

Point of attention 3
First of all, meeting in a neutral catering business, the use of the mobile phone and the final eye contact remains a necessary way to do. It is also important to not pass on personal data to each other in advance because you can never have everything perfectly under control. It has happened to us that the "rugged construction worker" (in a manner of speaking, we have nothing against construction workers rugged or not) had nevertheless passed through our safety filters (I am Kelly and I am 19 years old ...) and suddenly stood before us. In that case, our group will quickly separate and we will leave in all directions. Those who already know the way, know where to go and we try to accommodate the others as best we can. But we will have lost newcomers who had not yet contacted us.

Point of attention 4
Building up agreements like this always remains difficult. It is an intimate and vulnerable event where everyone wants to know as much as possible in advance to feel comfortable.
At times many people respond to our initiative and everyone deserves a full answer. The closer we get to the day of the appointment, the more intense the mail traffic and the less individual information you can get through the hustle and bustle. That is because we do not know in advance who is serious about it and who is not, which reactions are honest and which are more in the fake department. We really don’t always know to who we’re e-mailing, but we still try to send everyone an answer quickly. If we have received fifteen positive reactions then we go for a new erotic encounter and we shift into a higher gear. Because we have experience that of those fifteen women, there are actually only six women who really do it and want to go further. By that time correspondence is getting busier and we can have delays because of our normal occupations such as housekeeping and work and family and so on ... We really hope for understanding for the possible delays.
That is why we made our blog so extensive because in the end practically all information can be found here.
If you get the date and place you will get there ...

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