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Erotic adventures and sexcontact trough erotic advertising and advertisement

Answers and practical information about our sweet nice naughty sexual adventure.

bisexual women looking for other bisexual women for sex and erotic adventures
The ages in our group

How and where do you see each other ?

will I be liked in the group ?

Do you often come together ?

How do I best make contact ?

Do you have to have experience to participate ?

Am I welcome as a pure lesbian woman ?

Why a man there ?
Questions about erotic and sex encounters of bisexual women Answers about erotic and sex encounters of bisexual women

The ages in our group

We don’t care about ages and we really don't have any preferences, every age has its beautiful and interesting sides. For example, our youngest friend is 18 and our most experienced friend is 42. It are usually late twenties and thirties who seek contact with us. We like it when there are different ages. A person who is very young usually has a tight body and a smooth skin and the others enjoy touching and stroking her, but she usually has little experience. A person who is older and has taken care of herself has not lost beauty, but on the contrary a lot of beauty has been added. That is also in the eyes that radiate peace and confidence and in a generally more confident attitude.
We think the age match is perfect if there is some difference in age within our group. The more experienced women are happy to pass on their experience and imagination to the young, who find it very satisfying because of the attention they receive. The young people can enjoy all that goodness that comes over them through their curiosity and uninhibited curiosity and in turn can experiment with the experienced women who enjoy it.
Although we are open to all touches and we do not really reject anyone, it is possible that two peers will focus more on each other and prefer to spoil each other. This is perfectly accepted by the others and everyone enjoys it in their own way.
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How and where do you see each other ?

At our previous meeting, we sat together philosophizing about how we can best meet new people at meetings like this, but we have not been able to work it out completely. It is a balance between openness and discretion.
Most people prefer to meet during the day and on a weekday, in this way childcare for children is easiest and any partners/family/friends are least curious or troubled. But there are also people who prefer to meet in the evening and on weekends.
On that special day we agree to meet in a catering business that is close to the wellness area where we eventually go. But we do not tell in advance by email where exactly we are going. People we know well know of course where we go on from that catering business. This approach has proved necessary for safety. It happened that at the appointment people showed up who we did not want to have in our group at all and then we had to be able to cancel the business or shut it down. There are risks associated with building contacts via the internet, in the end you are not sure who you are emailing. This can be a sweet lady who wants to push her boundaries or test her orientation. But it can also be a horny dock worker who we cannot keep under control. Of course we don’t want to say anything negative about dockers...
This arrangement has turned out to be the best for most of us. People liked to take the risk of not knowing in advance exactly who they were going to meet the others because it was a safe public place and a telephone number was given for that day so that they could easily find each other, without the risk of mistakes, for example with a group of women from the church community.
For others, this way of meeting is more difficult. Some women want to know in advance who the others are, if there is a good chance that it will work out, what the environment we are going to look is like ... Everyone’s temperament and adventurousness is different and after all we do something that is not usual, so one really cannot judge that.
It has been suggested that we could host an upperware party. An erotic home party where everyone can get to know each other, knowing that afterwards we can go very far and try out things together. Or that we could organize a massage session in which one can choose the direction in which one wants to go. This means that after the upperware party or massage, you can decide whether you want to continue with others in a discreet room...
All loose ideas, but we have not really come out with a final solution. But it was very pleasant to be busy with it...
The formula therefore remains the same until further notice. We agree by e-mail on a day on which a number of people can make themselves free. We meet on a weekday at a clearly agreed place. From there we walk further to a nice pampering location with everyone who wants can go further.
And who would rather not go along, equally good friends ...
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will I be liked in the group ?

The more we are the more likely it is to feel well. There will always be someone in our group who is about the same as you and feels like you. Someone with whom you quickly feel comfortable and who you would like to have as a buddy. You may need to take a look around and give it its time. You do not have to go straight for a first impression, because people hide their feelings a bit during those first moments and give themselves a different attitude than they would at other moments. It is quite normal that one does not expose oneself immediately in these circumstances, both literally and figuratively. Someone with a big mouth turns out to have a small heart afterwards and sometimes prefers to cuddle and be verbally artful. And a silent shy girl can stun you with her unrestrained action once she gets loose.
You can also separate yourself with who you like best, with whom you feel best. Nobody mind if the group is large enough. In daily life it is also the case that you have preferred friends. The others will probably approach you from time to time but will rarely intrude.
It is best to give it every opportunity. You know in advance that you can always go back at any stage, there never comes a time when you get the feeling that you cannot back out. For example, you can immediately turn around when you see our group sitting at the table in the cafe where we have agreed to meet. But that is really not advisable because then you don’t get to know anyone and you don't get to know how sweet the others actually are. Our group is very tolerant and accommodating and we all want the best for each other. We do not rush. We go for a drink beforehand and chat with each other. We go together to a beautiful room where we don't just take off our clothes. We'll do that when we're ready, when we’re in the mood.
So going along with the group is the best thing you can do. If you don’t seem to be enjoying yourself after a while (but that hasn’t happened yet), you can still leave earlier. But you can certainly keep in mind that everyone appreciates you for coming. You are admired for your guts and your openness of mind, your independence and your sense of experiment. You are respected and that is something you will feel throughout the meeting.
But a feeling is a feeling and if the meeting with the group does not feel good, then you simply do not continue. After our acquaintance with a drink you go a different way when we go to the room, without negative feelings on our part.
We are thinking about putting together a tourist package about the city. The city is particularly beautiful and interesting and a city visit can be an alternative if it is unexpected that the group does not fit you. If you come from far away you still have something for that day...
And lastly, if you walk along the streets worrying about what the others are doing together now, you can turn around and join us in that room. You now know where we went and you have the phone number. If you are back at the door and you call us, we will receive you with open arms.
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Do you often come together ?

We rarely meet to be honest, only once or twice a year. It just doesn't happen to organize such an encounter more often. That makes it a once in a lifetime experience. We are not professional with sex you see. Not that we know about each other. It is pure hobby and curiosity. We are very ordinary people who take their responsibilities in daily life. No one can tell from us that such a special fantasy lies dormant in us. Organizing such a meeting is not as easy as it may seem. When the enthusiasm starts to rise again, we automatically start to contact each other and inquire whether the interested parties from the past are still interested and we also respond to requests from newcomers. It all takes a while and then we start looking for a date and making practical arrangements. Sometimes we have to postpone the appointment if something comes up, that can happen when you are arranging something with several people. Eventually it will come about and we can enjoy it for a long time afterwards. And before we know it we are half a year further...
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How do I best make contact ?

You found us by seeing our blog or an ad from us when we got a little more active again. So send us a message through our mailform. Usually you will get an answer quickly. But if takes a little longer, don't worry, we are probably on vacation for a few days. Your message always gets all the attention and you immediately have our respect for your open mind and your healthy adventurousness. If you have questions that have not been answered in our blog, you will of course get an answer and if we think the answer is suitable for everybody, we will post an answer on our blog. Fairly soon we will ask you to call each other. That is much more convenient to answer your questions and to provide you with practical information. We ourselves have quite strict rules regarding calling because a lot of people in our group follow the highest degree of discretion for personal reasons. For example, we never call you without clear agreements about this, the same applies to a text message. We make sure that nothing wrong with your phone number can happen and it will not be saved for later. Being able to call one another although is a must, even if it is only very short. This way we know that the person who did send us the first email is okay. We have found that if it does not come to a call, the person who made the mail correspondence does not show up on the day of the appointment. It was mainly emailing out of curiosity. Of course we like to correspond with each other, but our time is limited. In addition, we must be able to send you an SMS on the day of the appointment in case there is an adjustment to be done. It sometimes happens that the agreed time needs to be adjusted or even that we have to move to another location unforeseen. It would be a shame if you missed us on the day you were so looking forward to.
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Do you have to have experience to participate ?

No kind of experience is needed. You are always welcome and you will always enjoy it. What do you mean by experience? Is it experience with sex with women, or do you mean experience with other forms of physicality? Such as massage or sex with men. If you are very experienced in sex, you can quickly get the most out of having sex with each other. If you are inexperienced in sex, a beautiful new world will open up for you and you will enjoy everything that comes over you. You will then gain experience in a fun and safe way. So having experience is totally unimportant. An open attitude towards physicality, on the other hand, is a plus.
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Am I welcome as a pure lesbian woman ?

You are very welcome as a lesbian woman and you are guaranteed to experience great moments together with us. We are looking forward to you because we can learn something from you in various areas. But the chance of finding a partner with us is small, if you were already looking for it. We are women and girls who explore their sexuality in a casual friendship. We are straight or bisexual or don't know it yet and we want to be able to experiment without hesitation and without holding back. We are very curious about what it is like to make love to a woman. Perhaps one of us will stay in that direction in later life, who knows. Our group is not completely constant, women are added and women are leaving. Sometimes it is a one-time event for someone and her curiosity is immediately satisfied and for others it is a big party time again and again. Someone with a strong bisexual orientation remains the longest and lesbians usually come only once. It is a bit frustrating for lesbian women to deal with straight and bisexual women in this way because frankly we are often more of a burden than a lust. We don't always know how to spoil a woman, we are often learning it. It seems that we are not always able to return the favors we receive to the same degree and in the end there is a good chance that we will return to our possible boyfriends. We fear that we are not really a pleasant target group because expectations are rather uneven. What we are mainly engaged in is surfing the zeitgeist that mainly lives within a progressive middle class, where no one is surprised by your sexual interests. We find great satisfaction in continuing to flirt with straight and bisexual women in bed and we have found a very good formula for this that satisfies everyone. Our formula came about gradually, partly out of dissatisfaction because what we wanted turned out not to exist (or we couldn't find it). We then invented it ourselves. Partly because we seem to fit in well with the current zeitgeist. It became popular when Katy Perry sang about it, and when films like Heavenly creatures, Eyes wide shut, Black swan etc. portrayed everything uncomplicated. When Cynthia Nixon (Miranda in Sex and the city) left her boyfriend for a woman (like our Sarah Bettens), when Madonna kissed Britney Spears under the approving eye of Christina Aguilera… We feel liberated in our sexuality and get on well together, but we are not lesbian. But as said at the beginning, you are welcome. P.S.A lesbian woman said in the margin: I keep pleasant and less pleasant memories from my experiments. It gets painful when expectations are uneven. And that risk always threatens, whether it is in full puberty, if you fall in love with a girlfriend, who completely goes along with it and is so ashamed afterwards that the whole friendship breaks down. And later, if you remain the invisible mistress of the straight woman who never leaves her husband. It gives the feeling that it is something you can mess with, as if the love between two women is by definition less serious than heterosexual love.
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Why a male masseur there ?

That is both historical and practical. Historical because it all started when a woman who came for a massage asked for advice and help to fulfill her desire to have sex with a woman. Given his supposed large circle of acquaintances of free-thinking women, that was a logical question. He passed that question on to other women suspected of having the same desires. Because it could take some time, it didn't go so smoothly and that could be disappointing for a eager woman who had exposed her feelings. It was also not a first priority of the masseur to search for it. That all changed when a determined woman suggested a special idea. She said, "It's nice that you pass on this question and you will please women, but this is how you sometimes cause frustration. It is much better that you make that question public and open it to everyone, then someone will respond much faster. Do that through some sort of ad and I will help you with that. " The response after the first publication was great, there were a lot of positive reactions from women, several of whom really wanted to go along in this sweet adventure. However, there were also many fake reactions as is so often the case today. So many questions were asked about how exactly it was possible and how we saw it practically that all the answers were put together for convenience and that led to the creation of this "blog" and that is how the circle of friends came into existence. About the practical side. Who will eventually organize this, keep it afloat, bring it to a successful conclusion, in a benevolent atmosphere and with patience. The masseur was ready for it, once promised to everybody it must also be carried out. Practical knowledge and experience had to be combined. Locations, mail correspondences, calls, reservations, finances, fake filtering, security, time and dates, etc. The organization of 1 meeting could take months and take many hundreds of emails. The reason was (and is) that dozens of women showed interest at times, and all of them had to be approached with equal respect and given decent answers, whether it was serious or not. Sometimes people only had the intention to talk about it. All correspondences eventually had to convert to a day of meeting suitable for a sufficient number of people. On the day of the meeting, the masseur was there, together with his girlfriend who had restarted the entire procedure for a meeting because she asked for it eagerly was introduced on the spot as his (eventually occasional) girlfriend. While the present women spoiled each other, the masseur and his girlfriend kept each other busy so that the others saw that he was isolated from them and did not want to interfere. Gradually, the girlfriend merged into the group and the masseur engaged in other practical things, but remained available for a relaxation massage (like the example below). The first lady, who had launched the idea of the group meetings, has meanwhile left the group (in the best understanding). She had got what she longed for and had pleasant experiences and there is now only sporadic contact with her. Her place is taken from time to time by another woman with enough courage and a sense of adventure, who has come for a massage and who has discovered the blog and sees the ideal opportunity to fulfill a long-cherished desire. Due to the threshold-lowering effect of the private massage, there is a sufficient basis to be able to act as a "girlfriend" to have a meeting. In practice, a successful meeting could only be continued in this way. No other setup proved feasible. All this set-up has meanwhile taken on a life of its own, making it difficult to put an end to it. A permanent group of interested parties has emerged who regularly inform when there is another meeting.
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